Fall Feeding Creates Beautiful Spring Blooms

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When you plant your garden in spring, there is very little faith involved, since the results are fairly immediate…you plant your flowers and vegetables, water, and they grow, right off the bat. But when you plant flowering bulbs you’re planting a promise, because all of your efforts go unrealized for about six months.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement every fall when you find yourself gazing at our big, beautiful bulb display in the store. In fact, it’s like going to the store when you’re hungry, in that it’s easy to get carried away. A few of these, a few of those, oh, and a bunch of these! By the time to you get home, you have your work cut out for you. But that’s okay. Your hard work will be rewarded when the snows of winter start to melt away!

Bulbs are amazing because they aren’t so much purchases, as they are investments. Think about it, the bulbs that you impulsively grab on the way to the checkout line will bloom year after year for decades. That is money well-spent. And if those little bulbs are working that hard to impress you every spring, the least that you can do is to give them all the help you can while planting. That’s why we recommend Espoma Bulb-tone® when you plant, and every year, thereafter.

Bulb-tone is packed with an efficient and organic formula that will provide more nutrition than a standard application of bone meal, and will help plants store food for use in early spring. A natural mixture containing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium along with 12 other essential nutrients, will promote healthy roots and improve heartiness. This is the head start that they need to establish themselves when first planted.

For new plantings, dig your hole to the proper depth for that particular bulb and sprinkle and mix about 1.5 teaspoons of Bulb-tone with the soil in the bottom. Then, place the bulbs in the hole and cover with soil. For established bulbs, top-dress the soil with Bulb-tone and then water it in in early spring.

And, although Bulb-tone is designed with spring-blooming bulbs in mind, they work great for summer-blooming bulbs that are planted in spring, such as caladium, calla lilies, elephant ears, dahlias, gladiolas and many more! The general advice here is that if it is a bulb, it will love Espoma Bulb-tone!


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